About Margaret Ann Withers

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Invention itself is not a product of active thought. -Einstein

 My artwork explores the relationship between the act of viewing and visual thinking.  Like writing a novel, the story unfolds as I paint and what you see in the artwork is a mixture of intuition, time in the studio and intent formed by the mystery of the creative process.

What interest me is the process of internalizing the temporal sequence of the ‘scenes’ that are around me: the woman crying on the subway, the man standing in front of the vending machine or the couple kissing in Penn Station.  Then, back in my studio, I imagine the commonality and interconnections in this sequence of random events, and from this game of pretend, a system within a spatial composition forms.   These are not narrative paintings, but instead are anti-stories.  They’re landscapes that contain fragments of a story that are glimpsed in the  lightning flash across the space of some implied narrative.  The viewer is invited into this space to not ‘read’ the story but instead to think in pictures.


Margaret Withers’ has shown her artwork in  group and solo shows in New York City and nationwide, and internationally in Brussels, Australia, Berlin, China, Vienna and Russia.  She has also exhibited at The Drawing Center in New York City,  Monmouth Museum in New Jersey, MarinMOCA in California and Attleboro Museum in Massachusetts. Her art and art mashups have been featured in multiple journals including the  New England Review, Alexandria Quarterly and the  Library as Incubator Project. Her paintings range from the abstract to surreal, to expressionism and landscapes, to investigations of the culture and ideas surrounding ‘home’, communication, machinery, monsters and translation.

Her work is included in  numerous private and corporate collections, including Truninger AG in  Zurich, Switzerland.  She  is represented by Arcilesi | Homberg Gallery  in New York City, William Baczek Fine Art in Northampton, MA and C Emerson Fine Art in Tampa Florida.   She lives and paints in Manhattan, New York.


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