Embrace the ache

Not long ago, while I was listening to a Phillip Glass piano concerto, I experienced an ache brought on by his music. I tried to identify the nature of what I was feeling, what was it made of, and where in my body or mind in resided. That twinge in my psyche when I experience ephemeral beauty serves to underscore my connection to humanity, and my place within it. That ache can be demanding, but if I willingly give myself over to it, it never fails to propel me out of the muck of my daily existence.
This month, in light of all the art that you might be planning to see in Miami (or elsewhere) – I encourage you to give in to beauty’s ache.

Below is some artwork that I’ll have in Miami at Aqua room 115, courtesy of William Baczek Fine Arts and at Fountain, booth C-14 courtesy of Arcilesi Homberg Fine Art.  Also, I’m excited to now be a part of the  Pierogi Flat Files . Couple of other shows in December: a group show curated by Lesley Guy in Sheffield, England at Bloc Projects and a pop up show curated by Art Snack Registry.

04Margaret_WIthers_OnTheNatureOf Things

on the nature of things – at Aqua

among the cabbage stalls the machouettes fingered tapestry purses - At Aqua

among the cabbage stalls the machouettes fingered tapestry purses – At Aqua

Margaret_Withers_ 1

butterfly flap, carcrash, landspout – at Fountain


remembering landslips and houseboys in dustcart storybooks - at Aqua

remembering landslips and houseboys in dustcart storybooks


About Margaret Withers

Margaret Withers’ has shown her artwork in group and solo shows in New York City and nationwide, and internationally in Brussels, Australia, Berlin, China, Vienna and Russia. She has also exhibited at The Drawing Center in New York City, Monmouth Museum in New Jersey, MarinMOCA in California and Attleboro Museum in Massachusetts. Her art and art mashups have been featured in multiple journals including the New England Review, Alexandria Quarterly and the Library as Incubator Project. Her paintings range from the abstract to surreal, to expressionism and landscapes, to investigations of the culture and ideas surrounding ‘home’, communication, machinery, monsters and translation. Her work is included in numerous private and corporate collections, including Truninger AG in Zurich, Switzerland. She is represented by Arcilesi | Homberg Gallery in New York City, William Baczek Fine Art in Northampton, MA and C Emerson Fine Art in Tampa Florida. She lives and paints in Manhattan, New York.
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